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Simple Roof Maintenance Tips

Posted on: January 28, 2017 by in Blog, Roof Repair, Services, Uncategorized
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Home ownership comes with many rewards, and just as many responsibilities. Responsibilities such as maintaining your roof, which if left uncared for, could result in damage to your home and associated costly repair bills. To maintain your roof and gutters properly, inspect them every spring and fall. The roof surface may wear unevenly due to a variety of factors such as amount of sunlight it receives, how long moisture stays on the roof (due to shaded areas), and local temperature extremes. Continue Reading ...

Construction Site Safety

Posted on: January 7, 2017 by in Blog
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A top concern for any roofing or construction company is site safety. Here at Nulu Roofing and Graduate Contracting, we take it very seriously. Check out this well-constructed list of essential tips from Construction Connect, source: Top 10 Tips For Construction Site Safety 1. Subpart M – Fall Protection – 1926.501 Duty to Have Fall Protection. Number of Citations Issued in FY2015: Continue Reading ...

A Look at How Zone Nailing Improves Roof Shingle Installation

Posted on: December 26, 2016 by in Roof Repair, Services
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On the average roof of, say, 30 squares there is going to be 7,920 nails required. And each and every one of those nails must be installed correctly. Any exception is the weak link that will cause a leak or a defect. I started roofing about the age of 18. I remember my first single installation. One of the problems I found was the nail line. That's where The Zone® came from - trying to figure out how to build a product that was going to function for the contractor. With the larger Continue Reading ...

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