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If you need Wood Replacement or new Vinyl Windows in the Louisville and Southern Indiana Area, don’t purchase anything until you talk to us… we know windows! and there are numerous factors to consider that are specific to your home and situation.

As a full-service construction and restoration company we have experience in replacing all types of windows in a range of buildings found here in Louisville – whether they are three hundred years old or brand new. We have the expertise to fit windows in every kind of building and situation.

Replacement windows in Louisville, Ky

Replacement windows Louisville, Ky

Energy Efficient Windows

When you look at the weather statistics for Louisville you will notice the conditions are extreme. On average we get 85 days a year when the temperature is below freezing and over 30 days when the heat soars above 90 degrees. Ice storms, tornados, record rainfall and high winds put a heavy demand on the exterior of our homes.

With rising energy bills, homeowners are looking at where they can achieve more energy efficiency and window replacement is one place where it is possible to make real savings with return on investment.

We offer the following types of replacement windows:

  • Casement Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Picture Window
  • Slider Window
  • Bay Window
  • Bow Window
  • Shaped Windows
  • Garden Window

What are the advantages of replacing your windows?

  • You can reduce your annual heating and cooling cost by upgrading to energy-efficient windows
  • Replacing old inefficient windows will add and comfort and warmth your home
  • New windows are easier to open and control
  • No painting required – Easier to maintain
  • New windows will value to your home
  • Easier to clean using the tilt-in sash
  • Double glazed windows reduce outside noise
  • Benefit from current energy saving tax credits

What are ways to reduce your project cost?

Major gas utilities offer a rebate for installing ENERGYSTAR certified windows. Many larger oil companies do as well. Ask our staff and your energy supplier for details.

Do replacement windows pay for themselves?

Eventually yes. Today’s new windows will save you money – your windows will “pay for themselves” in approximately 5-to-8 years. Of course this depends on your fuel bill, but how soon you reach the break-even point depends on the price you paid for the windows in relation to their energy-efficiency.

Are my  design choices limited by choosing a vinyl window?

No. A few years ago this was true. Now with advances in vinyl technology homeowners can choose windows with attractive sculptured frames; woodgrain finishes; diamond grids; beveled, leaded, or stained glass. Vinyl has always been more energy efficiency and maintenance-free and there are so many designs to choose from.

Double-Hung window – What is it?

A window with two sash frames, an upper and lower, that can slide up and down past each other.

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