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Simple Roof Maintenance Tips

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Home ownership comes with many rewards, and just as many responsibilities. Responsibilities such as maintaining your roof, which if left uncared for, could result in damage to your home and associated costly repair bills. To maintain your roof and gutters properly, inspect them every spring and fall. The roof surface may wear unevenly due to a variety of factors such as amount of sunlight it receives, how long moisture stays on the roof (due to shaded areas), and local temperature extremes. Continue Reading ...

Installation of Roof Vents

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1 . Why install vents on your roof? No matter what type of ventilation system you choose for your roof, if it is properly installed, this, can make a huge difference in your home environment and reduce air conditioning bills during the warmer months. Did you know that in summer the air temperature in your attic could reach as much as 150 degrees Fahrenheit? That's uncomfortably hot, a proper ventilation system in your attic, allows hot air to rise from the lower area to the attic, and leave Continue Reading ...

Nail Gun Vs. Hand Nailing Which Is Better

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Nail Gun Vs. Hand Nailing Here at Louisville Roofing Contractors we choose to hand nail shingles, we have found that using pneumatic nailers can present a number of problems. Below is an excellent article to help you form your own opinion. By: Jim Cory Dave Molloy, owner of Molloy Roofing, a fourth-generation roofing company in Cincinnati that hand-nails every shingle job, explains why he prefers to work this way. Replacement Contractor: Do you think the practice of Continue Reading ...

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