A guide to metal roof repairs.

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A Guide To Metal Roof Repairs with Louisville Roofing


Louisville_Metal_Roof_RepairIn recent years metal roof technology has improved considerably. Metal roofs have grown in popularity because of their potentially long life-span. Naturally the need for repair and maintenance has grown too. They are very beautiful, colourful and can add great value to a house. Moreover, if they are properly installed, they can withstand tough climatic conditions and this enhances protection.

Though they are resistant, it does not imply that at anytime they cannot be damaged over time. This therefore calls for proper maintenance and repair to ensure a long lifespan. Metals roofs are constructed from a range of metals; steel, zinc alloys, copper and aluminium. The metal roofs can be installed in two ways; shingles and large individual sheets.

At Louisville Roofing, we repair a wide variety of metal roofs, and address a variety of maintenance and erosion issues, including: roof leaks, loose seams, rust and corrosion. Some roof leaks can be dealt with by using urethane roof cement which we believe is a better choice compared to common asphalt since it has a better protection against ultraviolet radiation.

We also employ another technique using a self-stick waterproof flashing membrane. In doing this, we always pay attention to the expansion and contraction rates of the roof. It is important to use repair materials that are made from the same material as the original roof. This avoids problems associated with differential expansion and subsequent cracking of joints under the effects of extreme temperatures.

Repairing Metal Roof Leaks

Roof leaks mainly occur at seams, fasteners, ridges, flashing, ridge vents and any point where the roof has been penetrated for the purpose of fixing. All of our metal roof repair solutions are carried out with the highest levels of craftsmanship to ensure a successful and long-lasting repair.

Loose seams occur when the roof is exposed to different extreme temperatures. The screws holding the metals together become loose allowing the seams to separate thus creating gaps. We offer long term solutions to loose seams that are caused by loose fasteners too. We use of high quality and trusted materials, and once the seams are fixed the roof will look renewed and close to it’s original appearance.

Rust and corrosion is also a common problem associated with metal roofs. The exposure to elements like snow, rain, acid rain and sleet causes the original finish of the roof to tarnish. As uncoated metal becomes old, rust becomes more common. We may coat your metal roof with a protective layer which ensures that your roof cannot corrode its only the coating which will rust. Secondly,we may apply galvanization (also known as a sacrificial coating) which acts as a protective layer. We may also use anti-rust solutions which include alkaline phosphate and chromate solutions depending on your roof type.

In the Kentuckiana region we are among the best service providers for metal roofing and we offer trustworthy and long lasting solutions to metal roof repairs. We are proud of our local reputation and are always happy to assist with you enquiries. For more information contact us at 502 208 3778


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