Commercial Roof Repair in Louisville

Posted on: November 19, 2013 by in Roof Repair
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Commercial roofing repair

Commercial Roof Repair – Power Washing Before Applying A New Water-Proof Coating

The roofing system on your commercial building has to perform an important job day in and day out. Your roof protects you from the elements while you go about the duties of your job, and you probably do not think too much about your roof. A roof is one of those things that many business owners do not notice until something is going wrong. When they start getting leaks… then suddenly they notice the roof.

However, it is important to bear in mind the durability of your commercial roofing system and to do maintenance checks on it regularly. There are some things that you should look for and inspect. While you are doing your inspection, here are some questions to ask:

1. Is your roof undergoing persistent leaks?
If your roof leaks on a regular basis then this is a tell-tale sign that your roofing system has lost its durability. Examine the leaks and see where they are coming from. Are they in one place or in multiple places? Then give a reputable company such as Nulu Roofing Contractors a call. We have years of experience in commercial roof repair and with a simple roof inspection can detect problems and leaks and can diagnose what repairs, if any, will be needed.

2. During your inspection, did you find unexplained mold?
Unexplained mold in your property could be the sign of roof leak that has resulted in water penetration into the fabric of your building. Around the tops of your ceilings and on the roof as well to see if you have this problem. This is yet another sign that your roof has lost durability in some way.

3. Do you have a worn coating?
If the coating is worn then it is a sign that the water is damaging the top part of the roof. Although the roof is still durable, this can be a precursor to more serious problems down the road. The reason is because when there are tears or cracks in the flashing of the roof it can allow water to seep in.

4. Does the roof have standing water?
If your roof has standing water or “ponds” of water this also could mean that your roof is becoming less durable. The reason this is a problem is that standing water can weaken the seams, coating, and the covering and lead to leaks and mold. It also adds unnecessary weight to the roof of your building as well.

Commercial Roof Repair

If you live in the Louisville Kentucky area and are experiencing any of these issues, do not hesitate to call professionals. Our years of experience will help you protect your roof. We can accommodate projects large and small… From commercial parks like GE Appliances to agricultural buildings, from downtown multi-story structures to four-plex residential buildings. Call us today!

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