Tips On How To Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors in Louisville

Posted on: October 26, 2013 by in Roof Repair
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Watch Out For The “Storm Chasers” – Traits of Bad Roofing Contractors and How to Avoid Them!

Bad Roofers In Louisville ky

Watch Out For “Storm Chasers” Bad Roofers In Louisville

Does your house require roofing or some kind of roofing repair? Roofing is one of the skills which calls for a greater level experience and workmanship. Louisville Roofing Contractors, Greenforce Roofing and Restoration LLC are committed to offering you the best service in the Kentuckiana region.

When it comes to roof repair you really need to go with the professionals… and be warned that there are a lot of bogus companies out there posing as licensed contractors. In the trade we call these companies “Storm-Chasers” Basically these guys are not local companies but rather itinerant workers who travel around the country following the opportunities left by the devastation of a serious storm.

Some of these guys are decent craftsmen and some clearly are not. The problem with these teams of workers is that if you run into a problem with your after the job is finished you will have no one to turn to to put the problem right as they will most likely left town

Here are some other traits of bad Roofing Contractors in Louisville to watch out for:

1. Poor services.

Unprofessional workmanship will always deliver unsatisfactory services. For instance such contractors may rush to deliver their services without proper planning and this will end up ruining your roof. It is therefore advisable to go for professional workmanship who knows the kind of work they are doing.

2. They are always unlicensed.

One of the best ways of identifying bad roofing contractors is by investigating if the contractors are licensed or not. Professional roofers are always licensed and meet the bonding requirements. Bad contractors are generally unlicensed and do not have or comply with roofing insurance policies.

3. They don’t carry out thorough inspections.

Bad roofing contractors will always rush in to deliver their services without conducting any kinds of inspections on your structures. This is very risky because they can easily do sub-standard work

4. Watch out for poor communications from the get go

Such contractors are very reluctant and will always request for payments without necessarily presenting you with the exact quotation of the roofing costs. They are always after your money and don’t care about maintaining good customer relations. The entire experience is likely to be very diappointing

5. Poor contractors use cheap and shoddy materials.

Another way of identifying the traits of a bad roofing contractor is by looking at the kind of materials that they advice you to use and even their labor cost and tools they are using are very cheap and highly not recommended.

Hopefully you find this information helpful. So if and when you need to hire a roofing contractor your experience will be an enjoyable one


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