Aluminum Roof Repair

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aluminum roof damage in louisville

Hail damage to an aluminum roof

Aluminum Roof Repair

Many homes, sheds and workshops in Louisville, Kentucky have an aluminum roof because it is known for its robustness and durability. An aluminum roof is one of the most preferred roofing options because of its resistance to harsh whether conditions. One of the major problems associated with an aluminum roof is that it can develop holes at some point and allow rain water to penetrate.

For the DIY enthusiast Aluminum roof repair is less involved and cheaper compared to other types of roofs. Some of the materials and equipment that one needs in order to repair an aluminum roof include roofing cement, metal shears, roofing mesh, wire brush, silicone caulk, work gloves and a ladder. There are three major steps that are normally followed when repairing an aluminum roof and these steps include:

1. Cutting the Mesh

After identifying the hole, you should first of all clean the area and then use the metal shears to cut two patches from the roofing mesh. It is important to ensure that two patches are slightly bigger than the size of the hole by at least two inches. You should take your time to measure the mesh because you might end up cutting a small patch. The two patches should rest properly on top of the hole before you can proceed to the next step.

2. Fixing the Hole

You should begin fixing the hole by mixing the roof cement to the required thickness. A knife is the used to spread and level the mixture around the damaged area to form the underneath layer. The roofing mesh patch is then placed on the mixture and later covered with roof cement to form the upper layer. The upper cement layer should be worked through the mesh patch until the two layers are completely joined.

You should repeat the same process with the other patch to ensure that the hole is completely covered. You should continue covering the other holes or damaged areas on the roof using the same procedure. It is important to note that fiberglass patches can also be used to repair an aluminum roof using the same patching process.

Painting the Roof

This step is optional but it is advisable to paint your aluminum roof after repair for an extra coat and at the same time give it a new look. You should give the patches some time to dry before you can begin painting. This is the best method to repair an aluminum roof because it can not be soldered. This type of repair can last a while but it is advisable to replace the roof if the damages are very severe.

If you do not want to follow the DIY option them give Louisville Roofing Contractors – Greenforce Roofing and Restoration LLC a call and we can assist you with your needs.

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