Go Daddy Website Builder Review – Is it any good?

You probably already know Go Daddy’s commercials. And although they do a great job in getting the attention of the male audience, it is likely that not everyone knows what this company does exactly. Well, primarily they are a web hosting company where you can buy domain names and web space. But they also have a website builder package that can be accessed through their dashboard. It bundles up a domain name, email addresses and a point and click software to create a website. Let’s take a look inside and check what’s good and what’s not so great about the Go Daddy Website Builder. First I will go over:

The Dashboard.

Amazon a3
From here you can access various functions like web statistics and the backup manager. To actually work on your site you have to start the Site Designer.


Domain software

The Website Editor
While editing you can see the actual look of your website at any time. To edit a block of text, for example, simply click it. Once in editing mode the black text designer interface will open up. The formatting options are very similar to MS Word so I am sure you won’t have any problems here. To add a new content block to your site simply drag and drop it to where it says “Drop Zone”.

In the Drop Zone toolbar you can see the different types of elements you can add to your pages. We have, for example, media related widgets like image galleries as well as a video and audio player. You can add a contact form from the Tables & Forms category to your contact page by simply dragging and dropping it to the page. To edit the content you first need to click the form and then go to the black button in the left corner. A double click will do the job as well.

I Like most of these features so far but there are a few other parts of this site builder that looks like an interface invented in the nineties and it feels a bit confusing. Not only are there no explanations what all these options mean exactly, it also shows irrelevant information like “Action” and “Method” that cannot even be changed. But to be fair it does the job and offers plenty of options.

Managing the navigation
Now this is where it gets even more complicated. There are two different places where you can change, add and remove pages. The first one is inside the Designer under the Pages section. By the way, the buttons you see here are not draggable anymore even though they look the same as the other buttons. Here you can create new main and sub pages. There are only two levels here and I think this is a problem. The confusion starts if you try to change the hierarchy after you’ve created a page. You can’t do this here for some reason. Instead you need to leave the Designer and go back to the dashboard. Now if you go to “Organize Site” you will find a menu that has a few more options. You can highlight one page and add another page underneath it.

Layout and Design
On a more positive note we are going to look at their layouts. They look reasonably modern and feature different types of industries. You can also apply a filter to view specific sets of layouts. You can always go back to the editor and explore the style options. Through the Style menu you can fully customize background images, colors and fonts. If you know your CSS you have even more options to create a template exactly the way you want it to be.

As you can probably guess by now I haven’t attempted to turn you into a fan of this product. Although Go Daddy has a nice range of features I didn’t have a great user experience. The editor doesn’t feel very consistent and is not particularly fast.
At first glance it doesn’t look very difficult to use but as you dig deeper it gets more and more complicated. Another problem is that you can’t expect much help from their support. Their employees don’t seem to have ever used the product. All they do is scan the keywords of your enquiry and send back canned answers from their support system. If you want to try it for yourself you can choose the monthly payment option so that you’re not directly tied into a one-year contract. Quite surprisingly there is no free trial available.

I hope you found this review useful! If you would like to see a couple of local business sites I recently built using this platform then check out Roofing Louisville Ky and Wichita Roofing Contractors. I’m happy with the results, although I think there are easier ways to achieve the same results. Both of these roofing companies were thrilled with the product I delivered.


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