A Look at How Zone Nailing Improves Roof Shingle Installation

Posted on: December 26, 2016 by in Roof Repair, Services
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On the average roof of, say, 30 squares there is going to be 7,920 nails required. And each and every one of those nails must be installed correctly. Any exception is the weak link that will cause a leak or a defect. I started roofing about the age of 18. I remember my first single installation.

One of the problems I found was the nail line. That’s where The Zone® came from – trying to figure out how to build a product that was going to function for the contractor. With the larger nailing area, they’re able to move at a high rate of speed because they are sure they’re always going to be putting the nail in the right place. And that allows them to not only install faster but more accurately. A laminate shingle is a shingle that’s comprised of two different pieces – a bottom shim and top shim, laminated together in the nailing Zone®. If a nail hits below the nailing line it can result in what is referred to as a shiner. The fastener will not be covered by the next course of shingles and you’ll be able to see it from the ground.

If the nail is installed above the nailing line, it may not secure both layers of a standard laminate shingle, which can result in blow-offs and leaks down the road. Many people have a very narrow area where they can put the nail in. In some cases, it’s less than a half-inch. 7,920 nails… Bang, bang, bang, bang… That’s a lot of nails to nail correctly. The key to the larger Zone® nailing area is that both layers of the shingle overlap for the full height of the nailing area, assuring they are both fully secure during installation. Another key component of The Zone® is the design on the backing shim. A standard backing shim has a blunt edge. Once on the roof, this design can create a dip in the shingle profile known as a trough. Rainwater can accumulate and be diverted sideways in this trough and if the shingle has been high nailed a leak could result.

The Zone® features a tapered shim, which creates a smooth transition to allow water to run straight off the roof. A larger area of The Zone® also allows extra room to place a second rain seal. This unique double rain seal design provides added protection against windblown rain entering under the shingles. Coming from being an installer myself, I see nothing but benefits from The Zone®. Speed of installation, ease of installation, quality of installation – the nails are gonna go where they’re supposed to go. With The Zone®, the homeowner is assured that the contractor has the opportunity to install the roof correctly, each and every time. We’re more interested in producing a product that performs well over time.

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