Installation of Roof Vents

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1 . Why install vents on your roof?

No matter what type of ventilation system you choose for your roof, if it is properly installed, this, can make a huge difference in your home environment and reduce air conditioning bills during the warmer months. Did you know that in summer the air temperature in your attic could reach as much as 150 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s uncomfortably hot,

a proper ventilation system in your attic, allows hot air to rise from the lower area to the attic, and leave the house through vents. Most homes today have a ventilation system in the attic, but it is not always adequate for the size of the house. The most common ventilation vents are “passive” because these are operated, by the air that is around them.This category includes grilles vents, flat and turbine. Vents, operated by electricity, are called “devices active ventilation”, this category includes ceiling fans and electric exhaust fans. A good ventilation system helps extend the life of your roof, make your home more comfortable, and so it is very important these days when there is a lot of concern about allergens, this system helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your attic. These fungi and mold, are caused by a buildup of humidity and ventilation of the roof is designed to maintain a constant air flow, which prevents that the “ideal” conditions for the growth of these fungi are given. These vents are not only beneficial in the summer, they also prevent ice dams on your roof, preventing cracks and damage on your roof are formed, which can be very costly to repair.

2 . Can I have too much ventilation in my attic?

Probably not; Vents are very useful, all year round. In the summer, not only eliminate the hot air in your home, but will also remove accumulations of moisture, which can be deleterious to your home. In the winter, these prevent damage from ice dams on your roof, extending the life of this. It is important to strike a balance in the flow of air in your home.For example, if you have a good flow of air into, but not a good exhaust flow, you will see that the cold air, reached the lowest in their home areas, which can be a little uncomfortable. installers vents professionals have a basic rule, to achieve a perfect balance in the airflow. This is called the rule of the free area, and this determines the opening area of the vents, considering the size of your attic, and any type of lock, which can result in the ventilation system. Ask your local building supply store, about free area required for the type of ventilation system to install.

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