What is The Best Siding For Your Home?

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The Four Main Types of Siding

No building development is complete without quality siding. Siding is known to be the most cost effective way of adding more color and beauty to your building exteriors. There are several options you can always choose from as a homeowner . Whatever the type you wish to install in your new building, we will install it for your using the very best materials, from traditional siding patterns to customized patterns. No matter the type you require for your building, we have the skills and expertise to deliver it to you at affordable rates. Some of the most popular types on the market today are vinyl siding,  insulated siding, the fiber cement siding, and the engineered wood siding.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding remains the most preferred and commonly used in the market today. During the early days it was widely criticized as a cheap alternative type of siding, but several changes and advancements in technology have seen vinyl siding coming from the rear to take the front line as it now comes in different architectural designs such as stone, wood, and slate coupled with its assorted characteristic colors. It is known to be easy to maintain as it neither stains nor peels.

Insulated Siding

Similar to vinyl, the insulated siding  is produced by insulating a vinyl product and is known to be very suitable for irregular walls, reduces noise from the outside, and controls the amount of heat exchanged between the house and its environment. This explains why it is much more expensive than the normal vinyl siding.

Fibre Cement Siding

A heavier type of product is the fiber cement siding made from wood mixed with sand and cement and is known to have the ability to withstand winds and storms more effectively. It has the advantage of being fire and water resistant, and the disadvantage of being more difficult to install due to its heavy weight.

Engineered Wood Siding

The latest entrant into the siding market is the engineered wood siding which is produced by combining wood by-products like sawdust and wood shavings and binding them with a strong bonding agent. Whichever one you wish to install among these siding types, we will handle it quite satisfactorily.

new vinyl siding in Louisville

new vinyl siding

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