Emergency Roofing Tips

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Emergency Roof Repair in Louisville

Emergency Roof Repair Tips

In the event of a leak in your roof, what should you do to minimise water damage while waiting for a professional roofer to turn up

Sudden harsh weather conditions like a hailstorm, high winds, or falling trees  may warrant a home owner to take immediate action to prevent serious water damage. It’s useful to be prepared for such incidents and conduct some temporary emergency solution that will keep you out of trouble until professional help arrives to undertake the permanent repair.

The cause of the damage could be something simple like a failed chimney flashing, a slipped shingle or nail holes to something far more serious like a hole in the roof or worse a whole section of roof missing.

Most of the damages affect the eave or capping of a roof which is easily reachable and depending on the degree of the damage and how high the damaged part is, a temporary repair can be done to keep the weather away. When carrying it out, it’s always advisable to:

Start from inside the house
This may apply if there is a rain storm. One can start by removing the items that can be damaged by the rain water and placing containers where the drips are landing to stop any damage to the floor. One may explore the possibility of fixing a cover by accessing the roof through the ceiling before opting to do it from outside. Where there is more than one person in the house, it becomes safer to do it as a team than by oneself. Repairs from outside should only be done under favorable conditions, once a storm has passed. SAfety should always be front of mind in these situations

Roof Damage caused by wind

Typical Wind Damage To Shingles

Have spare tools
Depending on the construction of your roof, these may include extra shingles, pieces of aluminum sheet or flashing, a can of bitumen, a safety ladder, a hammer, some nais and a polythene sheet. In an instance where there is a hole in a metal roof, one can apply bitumen and apply a patch to the roof.

The polythene sheet comes in handy where the roof has an underlayment. One can just stash the polythene under the shingles on the upper inclined part and leave it on top of them on the lower inclined section. It’s handy to fix the plastic sheet down with some 2×3 lengths of wood as the sheet is likely to rip straight through nails

After securing a temporary solution, it’s time to wait for the emergency repair workmen to come and do the actual repairs. It’s essential to keep a record the damaged areas on your roof for the purpose making a claim on your insurance. Greenforce LLC are on of the most experienced Roofing Companies in Louisville for helping you with your insurance claim.

In fact you can rest assured that we can take care of that for you and it doesn’t have to be a massive headache for you. We are most concerned about the safety of you and your property, therefore never try to access the unreachable parts of the roof while carrying out any of the emergency tips mentioned above. In the event of an emergency with your roof just pick up the phone and call us 24/7. Call 502 208 3778

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