Nulu Roofers are Big Fans of the Cardinals

As you all know, here at Nulu Roofing, we are big Cardinal fans. We like to stay abreast of the latest news and team gossip. This is what we get to talk about on our lunch breaks…. the news about Coach Pitino working with another team this summer.

Thrilled with the ability to lead a team in the Olympics without charging a penny for their management, the coach of the Cardinals of the University of Louisville in Kentucky, Rick Pitino, was announced as the new coach of the National Team of Puerto Rico . 

Pitino said that this time the calendar of the national team and his coach of the Cardinals fit perfectly, so he will have no problem in taking the reins of the quintet. Basketball Federation of Puerto Rico (FBPR) and Mr. Pitino had reached a similar agreement in 2010, but the coach resigned without making a practice session.

“I’m very excited. We’re supposed to do this years ago (2011) but for the change of date and venue could not accommodate my schedule” Pitino said in a press conference via Skype from the University of Louisville with local media. 

“I am honored and I am really excited to be the leader,” Pitino said while highlighting the passion for the game of the Puerto Rican’s as one of the reasons for wanting to take the post.

Pitino’s commitment with the Puerto Rican quintet is for the Pan American Games in Toronto in July 2016 and the Olympic Qualifying tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, from 25 August to 5 September. He also will lead the Selected Marchand Cup to be held in mid-August on the island.

It will be on the island. In addition, teams A and B of the Country will have a tune-up in the Bahamas with the Cardinals NCAA. The expenses will be borne by the University of Louisville, where Puerto Ricans also have a barracks for 10 days during the summer. 

“It will be in Puerto Rico on June 3rd, a week to see the top basketball players, then July 1 will be here for team practices for the Pan American Games, “said Carlos Beltran, president of the FBPR. 

Beltran said that overcoming the problem of timing was meritorious for the country to give a second chance to Pitino, for its quality.

“You have to take the step forward and take advantage of what the country can under the circumstances of a coach of the depth and quality of Mr. Pitino. We do not have the resources to hire coaches of that standing and that quality, “Beltran, who was in GFR Media facilities making the official announcement said. 

 “It’s an opportunity we have here to develop our players in projection and present the best possible team towards the Olympic qualification,” he added,  “Pitino falls from heaven” to the Puerto Rican team.

“This generation of players our requires a special coach. We have a mix of veterans and youth that makes unique to that group, “Rosario said. 

“I think Pitino is one of the strongest coaches. He also brings an element of rigor, discipline, and a solid game. One element of execution that is not negotiable, it seems to me that Pitino falls from the sky. Is an exceptional coach for this group, “Rosario said.  

As for the group that will form, Pitino stressed that the most important thing will be to get “the right team, talking about chemistry.” A team whose members are playing for the glory of their country and not their names.

Pitino will have his assistant in college, Mike Balado, in the coaching staff. The other two seats will be occupied by Puerto Ricans. 

In this regard, Rosario explained that in the other four interviews for the square auscultated with candidates the possibility of belonging to the coaching staff as assistants. 

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